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Subject[BETA-0.94] Fifth test release of Tigon3 driver

This release is code named "Ginseng" in honor of the healing
properties it will have for your machine:

Healing list:

[FIX] Some DELL variants not monitoring PHY link status properly.
[FIX] RX ring could still empty and hang chip. TX/RX paths completely
revamped. People please beat on this sucker hard.
[FIX] Jumbo RX buffer sizing wrong.
[FIX] RX ring replenish threshold settings were inaccurate.
[FIX] VLAN layer forgets to set dev->last_rx
[FEATURE] Syskonnect and Altima AC1000 Tigon3's supported.
[FEATURE] Full 5703/5702fe/5702x support. Please test if you have
these chips since we don't :(

Have at it.

How does this thing perform for people? In particular lmbench
'bw_tcp' and 'lat_tcp' numbers over gigabit on beefy hardware are
considered very interesting...
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