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SubjectRe: Antwort: Re: Kernel Hangs 2.4.16 on heay io Oracle and Tivolie TSM wrote:

>on saturday a had a nice day with 16 houre to find a workaround to bring
>linux stable.
>I had moved the server from reiserfs to ext2 for all datafile areas. The
>move with tar
>runs without any crash. I had an about 60 to 75 MB/second transfer ( read +
>write) on the
>move of the oracle datafiles.
>After startup of oracle and backup the open datafiles ( i know this is
>nonsens but its a good stress test)
>i get a crash. On a reiserfs this would crash immediately. On ext2 crash
>happend after about 2.5houres of backup ( about 80GB datafiles).
>After this i switched backup to kernel version 2.2.19. ---> The system runs
>now without crash.
>On other server without oracle but which are have tsm backup we had no
>problems with 2.4.16 ( at the moment only about 15 Servers)
>Its seems that you are right an we have a serious vm bug. This bug is only
>viewable if you user oracle and tsm (tivoli storage manager) .... Strange.
>Kinds regards
>Oliver Schersand
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Wasn't 2.4.16 the known unstable vm release of 2.4? Why do you go to
such effort to stick with a bad kernel? Go to 2.4.18.


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