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SubjectRe: [BETA-0.94] Fifth test release of Tigon3 driver
Thomas Langås wrote:
> David S. Miller:
> > How does this thing perform for people? In particular lmbench
> > 'bw_tcp' and 'lat_tcp' numbers over gigabit on beefy hardware are
> > considered very interesting...
> Ok, here I am again; doing some benchmarking :)
> (all this is done with same hardware as before, and your tg3 v0.94 driver in
> both ends):
> test8:/usr/src/LMbench/bin/i686-pc-linux-gnu# ./bw_tcp
> initial bandwidth measurement: move=10485760, usecs=117352: 89.35 MB/sec
> move=693633024, XFERSIZE=65536
> Socket bandwidth using 104.73 MB/sec
> test8:/usr/src/LMbench/bin/i686-pc-linux-gnu# ./lat_tcp
> TCP latency using 100.0089 microseconds
> Do you want any more benchmark; just say so :)

I am always interested in more benchmarks, never ask this question :):)

A comparison between bcm5700 and tg3 would be interesting, for each new
release, if you were willing to do that.

And, what MTU are you using? You may have answered this earlier and I
forgot :) If you -are- on a gigabit network, then you [currently] must
manually enable an MTU of 9000 (jumbo frames).


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