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SubjectRe: Linux 2.4.x, ThinkPad T23 and HW?!

--On Friday, 01 March, 2002 12:39 AM +0100 Arnvid Karstad
<> wrote:

> I just recieved an new laptop, an IBM ThinkPad T23 and it seems I cannot
> run the os of my choice on it.. Well almost not.. ;-)
> The strange thing is, almost none of these come up as
> "known" devices from /proc/pci or lspci.

This just means their ID's are missing from some text file. This
should not impede drivers from recognizing them. If you are bothered,
send code :-)

> I also noticed that the IBM
> Wireless adapter, which is actually a prism2 (?) card, are mysteriously
> detected as an device created by "Harris Semiconductor"

Both correct

> and it won't even
> try to let me access the card. I think I've tried every driver in the
> Kernel 2.4.18 now.

Well I think the giveaway here might be:

> I tried the Wlan-NG drivers but they didn't seem to work out as
> planned either...

Either your IBM's wireless LAN is dead (does it work under
Windows?) or perhaps you forgot to associate
the card:

> Prism2 card SN: 124112003411
> p80211knetdev_hard_start_xmit: Tx attempt prior to association,
> frame dropped.

looks like it - try:
/sbin/wlanctl-ng wlan0 lnxreq_autojoin ssid='' authtype=opensystem

with the wlan-ng drivers and see if that fixes it.

I haven't got the kernel drivers working yet (laziness) but
I'm sure they will work just fine if wlan-ng works.

You might or might not find

Alex Bligh
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