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SubjectRe: latency & real-time-ness.
Alan Cox wrote:

>>I'm running the program at nice -18.
>>So, what kind of things can I do to decrease the latency?
>Hack up the ksoftirq stuff to only fall back to ksoftirqd after about
>500 iterations instead of one is one little detail to deal with
>>Would the low-latency patch help me?
It might be very difficult to fix up the
low latency patch for the latest -ac,
but the mini-low-latency patch should
go right in - that should fix the worst
of it, and I've run 2.4.19-pre2-ac1 with
the mini low-latency patch.

It's part of the -aa patch collection, just
look for "00_lowlatency-fixes-4" or so.


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