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SubjectRe: dell inspiron and 2.4.18?
On Sat, 2 Mar 2002, John Jasen wrote:

> On Sat, 2 Mar 2002, John Jasen wrote:
> > I have a Dell Inspiron 3700 running Redhat 7.2 with the latest updates,
> > and I just upgraded to kernel 2.4.18. On random intervals, usually within
> > about 10 minutes of usage, it hangs completely solid.
> >
> > Enabling sysrq, recompiling 2.4.18 with kdb, and going to tinker with APIC
> > tomorrow. Results, kernel .config, lspci -v, and so forth will be posted
> > when I'm more awake.
> >
> > Anyway, the short form: anyone else have any problems, or have I gone
> > crazy again?
> kernel config, dmesg output, lspci -vv output, /proc/interrupts and
> /proc/pci have been posted to
> this is for kernel-2.4.18, with kdb patched and enabled, sysrq enabled,
> and I'm sitting here waiting for it to go wrong.
> And waiting!

I'm beginning to think that this was just the ghost in the machine
screwing with me, as I've beaten on 2.4.18-kdb for about two days and it
hasn't hung.

-- John E. Jasen (
-- In theory, theory and practise are the same. In practise, they aren't.

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