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SubjectRe: ANN: NTFS 2.0.1 for kernel 2.5.7 released
I wrote:

>I don't know what version of mc they are talking about, but in my version of mc >("The Midnight Commander 4.5.51") I can use the view command on any file on >the NTFS partition without it trying to execute the file. The files are all showing in >green, with the asterisk.

Sorry for the second post, but I took a look at the .tar.gz issue in midnight commander. It doesn't appear to have anything to do with the executable permission, the problem is that the filesystem isn't writable. I get the same flood of errors on the console trying to tar xvzf the file as I do in mc...

"Could not create file: No such file or directory"

So it's not a problem with mc. There's no problem if I use the --directory switch with the tar command to specify a writable location to extract to. I also can copy the same file, to my home directory and retain the same permissions, and extract it using mc just fine.


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