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SubjectHaving trouble with the IXP1200

hello everybody,
It will be great if someone can help me. I am working on a card
delivered by Intel (ENP-2505) wich is based on the network processor
As a fisrt step of my project, i wanted to port Linux under IXP1200
using cygmon (as described in the IXP1200 HOWTO) but unfortunately
i wasn't able to start the tftp session. I tought that cygmon was
corrupted, so i wanted to flash the rom with the "flash.img" delivered by
Intel (in IXA SDK, with FUtil Version 2.0.83) and then it was the hecatomb
because when i want to boot on cygmon it no longer gives the hand.
I think that what i need now is the "flash.img" which contains the
available cygmon for the card and some documentation about how to flash
the rom (if it is different then the IXP1200 HOWTO). Ofcourse, when Intel
sent me the card i had some docs with it but the problem was that these
docs wasn't compatible whith the card (and i think that the SDK is not
compatible also)

PS: Please don't hesitate to send me anything that you find interresting
about this subject, as soon as possible because i am in a hurry.

Description of the Card:
ENP2505 (PCI packet Processing engines)
- Intelligent packet processing engines.
- Intel 232Mhz IXP1200 network processor based
- Flexible I/O configurations
- Four 10/100 Mbit Ethernet
- Standard PCI form factor
- 256 Mbytes SDRAM
- 8 Mbytes SRAM
- 8 Mbytes Flash

Thanks a lot

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