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SubjectRe: Linux 2.5.7-dj1

Anton A reported an error so I need to go back and see what else got
broken before this release. Since there is not diag layer anymore it is
all a pig in a poke :-/

On Thu, 28 Mar 2002, Dave Jones wrote:

> This catches up with the bits and pieces that have happened in 2.4 over the
> last few weeks, scoops up this weeks Linux-kernel bits, and throws in
> various compile fixes so it hopefully all works out.
> Particularly of note in this one are Andre's ide fixes, feedback appreciated
> from anyone seeing problems in 2.5 mainline.
> In other news, work has begun splitting this monster diff into lots of
> Bitkeeper trees. Hopefully when Linus gets back, resyncing is going to be
> a lot easier than it used to be.
> As usual,..
> Patch against 2.5.7 vanilla is available from:
> Merged patch archive:
> Check before reporting
> known bugs that are also in mainline.
> -- Davej.
> 2.5.7-dj2
> o Merge bits of 2.4.19pre3 & pre4.
> | Dropped quite a bit, 2.5 is really starting to diverge
> | in quite a few areas.
> o Numerous compile fixups. (Me)
> o Various updates. (Steven Cole, ESR)
> o AFFS compile fix. (Jarno Paananen)
> o Update bttv to use new v4l API. (Jarno Paananen)
> o Removal extraneous BUG() from accounting code. (Bob Miller)
> o Fix up JFS txnmgr race. (Christoph Hellwig)
> o Update documentation index. (Rolf Eike Beer)
> o Use seq_file for /proc/partitions. (Randy Dunlap)
> o Fix initrd kdev_same thinko. (Al Viro)
> o Minor sg update. (Doug Gilbert)
> o install .config with 'make install' (Kelly French)
> o Add yet another VAIO to the DMI APM blacklist. (Michael Piotrowski)
> o Detect get_block errors in block_read_full_page. (Anton Altaparmakov)
> o Kill off noquot.c (Al Viro)
> o Special case P4/Xeon bluesmoke init. (Jon Hourd)
> o Fix up ide-scsi documentation typo. (Bill Jonas)
> o Increment tcpPassiveOpens counter. (Dave Miller)
> o Fix up some of Linus' criticisms of SEM_UNDO (Dave Olien)
> o ibmphp compile fix. (Greg KH)
> o Fix up two possible panics in microcode driver. (Tigran Aivazian)
> o fcntl return code POSIX compliance. (Christopher Yeoh)
> o Lessen debug info from ide-tape. (Alfredo Sanjuán)
> o Various ide fixes. (Andre Hedrick)
> | pdc4030 bent into shape a little by me, please test carefully.
> o EasyDisk USB storage support. (Stanislav Karchebny)
> o Flush cache/TLB on MCE. (Me)
> o Fix double free in efi partition handling. (Takanori Kawano)
> o Correct pci_set_mwi documentation typo. (Geert Uytterhoeven)
> o Fix up race in indydog driver. (Dave Hansen)
> o 3ware driver update. (Adam Radford)
> o Fix mmap bug with drivers that adjust vm_start. (Benjamin LaHaise)
> o Register mad16 gameport with input subsystem. (Michael Haardt)
> o Remove stale comment. (William Lee Irwin III)
> o P4/Xeon Thermal LVT support for MCE. (Zwane Mwaikambo)
> o Various fbdev compilation fixes. (James Simmons)
> o Move touchscreen drivers to their own dir. (James Simmons)
> o Seperate reiserfs_sb_info from struct super_block (Brian Gerst)
> 2.5.7-dj1
> o Various x86-64 compile fixes. (Me, Andi Kleen)
> o Fix up hfs superblock cleanup typo. (Brian Gerst)
> o Remove 2.1.x/2.3.x checks from rocket driver. (William Stinson)
> o JFS compile fixes. (Dave Kleikamp)
> o pci_alloc_consistent ZONE_NORMAL fix. (Badari Pulavarty)
> o v4l unregister with open file handles fix. (Gerd Knorr)
> o ACPI throttling fixes. (Dominik Brodowski)
> o Updated NFS root_server_path patch. (Martin Schwenke)
> o Backout problematic sym53c8xx_2 changes. (Douglas Gilbert)
> o Fix up one of my MCE SNAFU's. (Douglas Gilbert)
> | Also make it AMD only for now, pending further investigation.
> o Support for Belkin Wireless card. (Brendan W. McAdams)
> o input/gameport makefile & fixes. (Steven Cole)
> o UDF write compile fix.
> 2.5.6-dj2
> o machine check background checker SMP improvements. (Me)
> o Hush INVALIDATE_AGID noise on Toshiba DVD drives. (Jens Axboe)
> o Remove delayed vfree() in ppp_deflate. (David Woodhouse)
> o Fix devfs 64-bit portability issues. (Carsten Otte)
> o UFS blocksize fix. (Zwane Mwaikambo)
> o Fix proc race on task_struct->sig. (Chris Mason)
> o Pull NFS server IP from root_server_path. (Martin Schwenke)
> o Fix broken tristate in ALSA config. (Steven Cole)
> o Work around mpc_apicid > MAX_APICS problem. (James Cleverdon)
> o cs4281 OSS compile fix. (Sebastian Droege)
> o Fix locking in ATM device allocation. (Maksim Krasnyanskiy)
> o Fix MSDOS filesystem option mistreatment. (Rene Scharfe)
> o Increase number of JFS transaction locks. (Steve Best)
> o page_to_phys() fix for >4GB pages on x86. (Badari Pulavarty)
> o Append kernel config to zImage. (Randy Dunlap)
> | See also scripts/extract-ikconfig
> o Remove useless check from shmem_link() (Alexander Viro)
> o Enable Natsemi MMX extensions. (Zwane Mwaikambo)
> o Superblock cleanups for isofs,udf & bfs. (Brian Gerst)
> o request_region() checking for hisax avm_a1 (Dan D Carpenter)
> o uninitialise lots of static vars in net/ (William Stinson)
> o D-Link DE620 janitor work. (Karol Kasprzak)
> o Netfilter conntrack compile fix. (Christopher Barton)
> --
> Dave Jones.
> SuSE Labs.
> -
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Andre Hedrick
LAD Storage Consulting Group

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