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SubjectRe: fadvise syscall?
At 11:24 24/03/02, Pavel Machek wrote:
> > >> I disagree, and here's the main reasons:
> > >>
> > >> * fadvise(2) usefulness extends past open(2). It may be useful to call
> > >> it at various points during runtime.
> > >
> > >open(/proc/self/fd/0, O_NEW_FLAGS)?
> >
> > So to use fadvise(), the system must have /proc mounted?
>I think it is way more feasible than adding new syscall.

Sorry but it is silly. (-; What's wrong with open("filename", O_FLAGS);
followed by fcntl(); if you want to modify them after opening. That is a
lot cleaner than going via proc in such a way...

posix_fadvise() can then be implemented in userspace and that can go via
fcntl(). That way we have the best of both worlds.

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