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SubjectRe: Automatic Reply from Trash
On Sat, Mar 23, 2002 at 04:55:17PM -0800, J Sloan wrote:
> How did this fool get on the list?

Person X subscribed address X' on the list, then set .forward
to the victim V, who chose rather nasty ways to "fight back".

Lots of noice, very little data to help remove him. When I
asked specific questions directly from V, I got usefull data
back to find the address X', though.

How we knew who the V was ? He called (by phone, it seems)
Transmeta Hostmaster ("whois") to complain and threaten
(in good American Way), not believing when he was referred to, nor ever sending email to ask assistance
from ... Transmeta Hostmaster sent
Cc/Bcc to vger's postmaster, and the V did answer when I asked
him a bit of data to help me to hunt the route.

The V did (amazingly enough) try to interact with majordomo, which
naturally didn't find V's address in any list...

Folks: If you ever have hard time with VGER's Majordomo, do
ask assistance from VGER's Postmaster(s). Majordomo is rather
stupid piece of software, we humans (try to) be a bit smarter.
Of course FAQ-questions get referral to:

> Joe

/Matti Aarnio
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