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SubjectRe: Tyan S2466 MPX integrated ethernet interrupt happy

> > So, approximately 8.5 million ethernet interrupts. The system is
> > noticably slower when streaming ethernet data, and it's sucking
> > up a lot more processing time than on my other much slower other
> > box. This box is running a stock 2.4.18 kernel from
> > (i.e. no custom hacks). It's running 2 1800+ XPs.
> That all looks normal. Could you be more specific about
> the performance problems? How much slower? Output from
> `top' and `ps'? Any nasty messages in the system log?

No nasties in the syslog. System usage from top averages 50% per
CPU. (By system I mean kernel usage, bounces between 70 and 30 per

> Looking at the ethernet driver won't help, I expect - it's
> as efficient as most any other driver. If there is a problem,
> it lies elsewhere...

Gotcha, yes that could definetly be. This was extraordinarily
unscientific. I was thinking maybe someone had seen something else
like this on this platform. So, I'll write a test that isolates
ethernet from other stuff like ide performance, etc.

> A kernel profile would be illuminating. Build the kernel with as
> few modules as possible, boot the machine with `profile=1' and play
> with readprofile.

Will do when I return.

Shane Nay.
(Someone else noted their /proc/interrupts for the same machine, but
my box had only been up for 1.5 hours :)
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