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SubjectVIA technical contact [was Screen corruption in 2.4.18]
On Sat, Mar 23, 2002 at 06:41:31PM +0100, Danijel Schiavuzzi wrote:
> On Saturday 23 March 2002 17:06, you wrote:
> > > In the KM133 datasheet (find it here: ;)
> > > it is said that the offset 55 is for "Debug (Do Not Program)"... Can you
> > > look at it, maybe it can help.
> >
> > I looked at that datasheet, and the datasheet for the 8363. Both said
> > not to program offset 55, and both said the bits we are clearing are
> > "reserved." Perhaps we should contact VIA directly, tell them the
> > problem we're having with their current fix, tell them our theory, and
> > ask if we're right.
> I think so, too. But what e-mail address do they have? When I was trying to
> reach VIA in the past for various things, I've never got a reply from them
> from any e-mail address I've mailed...

I don't know. Does anyone have a technical contact at VIA towards whom
this question could be directed?
In a time of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act.
-- George Orwell
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