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SubjectRe: Interrupts lost on Intel Plumas chipset
On Sat, 23 Mar 2002 09:06:10 +0100 (CET), Steffen Persvold wrote:
>> > > I have a SuperMicro P4DPR+ system here with Dual Intel Xeon 1.7GHz. This board utilizes the Intel
>> > > E7500 (Plumas) chipset. The chipset is configured with two P64H2 (PCI-X) Hubs, one which is
>> > > kernel-2.4.9-21smp (and I've also tried a stock 2.4.17 kernel), interrupts from the SCI card never
>OK, I'm running 2.4.18 now and everything seems to be fine except that
>it's still CPU0 that handles all the interrupts. Is there a patch for this
>out there ? I'm willing to be a "crash test dummy" and even help out a

Known P4 problem. Ingo Molnar posted a patch for it 10 days ago;
see the "Severe IRQ problems on Foster (P4 Xeon) system" thread.

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