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SubjectRe: [PATCH] multithreaded coredumps for elf exeecutables
On Thursday 21 March 2002 11:52 am, Alan Cox wrote:
> You need interrupts to handle this, even if you don't wrap it in the top
> layer of signals it will be able to use much of the code I agree. The nasty
> case is the "currently running on another cpu" one. Especially since you
> can't just "trap it" - if you IPI that processor it might have moved by the
> time the IPI arrives 8)

This why I grabbed all those locks, and did the two sets of IPI's in the
tcore patch. Once the runqueue lock is grabbed, even if that process on the
other CPU tries to migrate, it won't get swapped in or looked at by the
scheduler until its cpus_allowed member has been marked. After cpus_allowed
has been marked it won't run.

I don't think there is any faster way of getting the other CPU's into
schedule and a specific running process to be swapped out than what was done

The only risk with this type of code is if other code or drivers attempt
similar maneuvers at the same time. Having a standard mechanism or API for
this in the scheduler would be a "good thing".

I've just started considering how to do this with the 2.5 O(1) scheduler, and
I'm not sure yet how I can accomplish this process "pausing" behavior just
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