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SubjectRe: ip_options.c
In article <02032116405005.00890@Vinolin> you wrote:
> Can i get the summary of what exactly ip_options.c is doing ?
> Through any web page or documents ...

it deals with ip options (see rfc's 791 and 1122).

ip_options_build is called while putting together the headers, but
prior to checksumming from numerous places in net/ipv4/ip_output.c.

ip_options_fragment does special handling for options in fragmented
datagrams (again, ip_output.c).

ip_options_echo is used to setup the options used in a reply; see
net/ipv4/icmp.c et al.

ip_options_compile and ip_options_get both seem to be used to extract raw
options from an skb.

ip_options_forward handles setting up source-routed packets, while
ip_options_rcv_srr handles their receipt.

i am by not any mean at all an authority on these matters, so take this with
a grain of salt :).

nicholas black (
"c has types for a reason. c++ improved the type system for a reason. perl
and php programs have run-time failures for a reason." - lkml
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