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SubjectRe: [PATCH] linux-2.417 devfs 64bit portablility issue

Hi Richard,

the previous version of my patch did contain a bug,
caused by incorrect parameter order when calling
__devfs_unregister_major. The symptom was, that
major numbers registered with devfs_register_*dev
but not allocated with devfs_alloc_major were not
freed by calling devfs_unregister_*dev. This is
now fixed. Sorry, the patch is attached (due to Notes
messing up with whitespace).
(See attached file: linux-2.4.17-devfs_fixup.diff)

Richard, I would appreciate it if you could finally
look into this.

mit freundlichem Gruß / with kind regards
Carsten Otte

IBM Deutschland Entwicklung GmbH
Linux for eServer development - device driver team
Phone: +49/07031/16-4076
IBM internal phone: *120-4076
We are Linux.
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