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I am one of mandrake linux volunteer experts,and i have recently purchase
one of the ecs K7S5A boards and though i did experience minor problems with
the board during the install.I got mandrake to install and run
flawlessly.Includeing the onboard sis7012 sound card and i am useing the
intel_810 kernel driver for the sound card which works great.I learned alot
of things very quickly about this board and if you would like some info on
how I am useing this board here is my hardware profile on it.

1-atlon 1.2 gihz
2-onboard sis900 lan card
3-sis 7012 onboard sound card
4-realtek 8139 lancard
5-nvidia riva tnt2 agp video
6-zoom externel zoom link 56k modem
7-512 meg ram

this machine has been up non stop for months now without problems and I am
running a slightly modified kernel distributed by mandrake


and it is installed on system running mandrake 8.1

i learned a whole lot about this board and what to disable in the factory
bios to get it to install correctly

if you would like info let me know

Marc Brady
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