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SubjectRe: PCMCIA-related IDE problems on GA-7ZX motherboard
On Sat, Mar 02, 2002 at 08:26:45AM +0100, Ulrich Hahn wrote:
> Help!
> You wrote in a linux mailing list about one year ago, describing mainly
> the same probelm I have when loading pcmcia-modules into a 2.4.14
> kernel: The ide0 reports "lost interrupt" and rien ne va plus.
> >I'm having problems related to using a pcmcia bridge on a desktop PC.
> >The machine used to contain a TMC TI5-VG+ motherboard with a 400Mhz K6-II.
> >With the TMC motherboard, everything worked worked fine. When I upgraded
> >the machine to a Gigabyte GA-7ZX with 800Mhz Athlon, the CD-writer and
> >LS-120 floppy on the secondary IDE channel stopped working. By fiddling
> >around with the kernel configuration, I've finally narrowed it down to
> >the PC card drivers; the machine contains a Chase-AT "Duo" ISA-to-PCMCIA
> >bridge.
> I read lost of questions like this - but mainly NO answer to it at all.
> Does it happen only to few people? Is it not relevant?
> Personal question: did you find a solution?

Yes, I did, and it has since been documented in the PCMCIA HOWTO,
section 2.3, subsection "Card readers for desktop systems":

For Chase CardPORT and Altec ISA card readers using the Cirrus PD6722
ISA-to-PCMCIA bridge, the i82365 driver should be loaded with a
``has_ring=0'' parameter to prevent irq 15 conflicts.

I had been trying the option "has_ring=1", which I didn't know was
the default.

[ CC'ed linux-kernel so that this gets into its archives. I am not on
linux-kernel so, if replying, please CC me (and, I presume, Ulrich). ]

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