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SubjectRe: Please
On Saturday, 2. March 2002 00:27, Henrik Lassen wrote:
> Hi
> I saw your posting Promise TX4 - I bought two controllers (shit).


> Using: Redhat 7.2 Egnima Kernel 2.4.7-10
> I can se the first two disk, but redhat crashes if I try to connect the
> others.

The problem is called Andre Hedrick, a guy who is talking in miracles,
but seems to be unable to fix either the issues with:
- the single TX4 with multiple PDC20270
- multiple TX2 with PDC20268

or at least ignores further communication on that problems, if you
don't use some magic storage peoples language.(*) TM in a parallel
universe, not too far from here...

Most other kernel guys prefer SCSI or simple IDE solutions.

> Please tell how you got IDE3-4 working and if you are up and running
> satisfactory.

Nope. In one board, I got two TX2 running fine. In different other
boards (tyan thunder dual athlon), only a single TX2 is working fine.
(System crashed shortly after IDE driver init in above mentioned

BTW: This is a 2 way communication problem:
- Andre ignores bugging user requests to some extend
- He gets ignored by leading kernel hackers to some extend

both based on (*)

One can only hope, that Andre gets his bablefish running, and
using it then to communicate with the rest of _this_ universe.

> Rgds
> Henrik

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