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SubjectRe: Network Security hole (was -> Re: arp bug )
At 04:49 PM 3/2/2002 -0800, wrote:

>Whoops, I am apparently using "ipchains" and not "iptables", and
>didn't note the distinction.
>Sorry about the spurious bug report here. :/

Yeah, I use 2.2.19 on my server (2.4.x is the most unstable 'stable series' i've ever seen..). ipchains is like this:

Incoming Outgoing
interface interface
----+ +------->
| ^
v +------------> forward -----------+ |
input | |----> output
+----------> Application ---------+

I actually like it that way, it makes it easier to block things from the dsl ether (eth0):

ipchains -a input -i eth0 -d ! -j DENY -l

With iptables i'd need that on both the INPUT *and* FORWARD rules...


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