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SubjectRe: Bitkeeper licence issues

Larry McVoy wrote:
> I think that there is lots to be said about moving out of silicon valley,
> I personally don't like it here that all much. On the other hand,
> it is extremely cool that there is such a high concentration of smart
> people within 30 minutes of my house. What I'd like to see is a migration
> out of silly valley but to somewhere else. I.e., pockets of smart people
> working together. Face time with smart people is fun, if you get a chance
> to do it, you know what I mean.

Which would negate the monetary resons for moving.
The cost of living in a given area is related to
what people can/will pay to live there.

Example. I live in a university town in rual Mississippi.
Without the university, the down would likely die.
An apartment here that rents for $600 a month would
only bing $200 - $300 in the small towns 30 miles
away. When I was looking to buy a house, 15 miles away,
the price's are half that here. Same for land to build
a house on.

If a lot of engineers and programmers, were to move
to a small town 30 miles away, the prices would quickly
rise to meet the new earnings levels. Soon it would be
the same as here. As more move in the place gets bigger,
prices go up, and soon you have another Silicon Valley.

So please, stay in the valley, I like my current standard
of living :)


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