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Subjectextending callbacks?

I've got the following problem: I want to register a callback in a kernel
structure, but I need to supply an additional argument to my own code. I.e. I
need a callback

int (*cb)(int u)

to really call

int (*real_cb)(int u, void* my_arg)

At the moment, I'm only focussing on the i386 architecture.
In user space, I'd do this by generating some machine code, which takes the
original args, pushes my_fixed_arg and calls real_cb (using mprotect to make
the generated code callable). That way I'd use a function

int (*)(int) create_callback(int (*real_cb)(int, void*), void *arg);

Is there a good way to do that in the kernel?
Not necessarily using self modifying code, I'll only use it if I must.

Please CC answers to my address, I'm not subscribed.

thanks very much,


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