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SubjectRe: Bitkeeper licence issues
> like that and didn't had to learn it the hard way. Free software is
> simply no business model. Of course we have to make our living somehow,

Work for me. I've run a profitable small open source company, I've worked
for Red Hat.

> prevented by massive protectionism. Try to imagine, what it means for an
> economic, which is based on trade, if goods can be produced at almost no
> cost. Current world trade has already in several areas not much to do
> with "trade" anymore and I'm not very optimistic how this can get any
> better with the current economic model.

Think about it this way. There is no reason to suppose that the concept
of the Innovators Dilemma does not ultimately apply to nations. If you
accept that premise - and there is a lot of evidence for it, then the
western european nations get more and more specialist and "up market" and
eventually run out of anything to sell but lawyers. At which point we get
the great depression mark 2.

Hans Reiser's team of Russian wizards is simply a couple of years ahead of
everyone else moving all real software development to the czech republic
and india, the phone support to the philipines and the hardware to
taiwanese and chinese bulk build to order.


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