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SubjectRe: file listing problem in smbfs, kernel 2.4.18

Urban Widmark wrote:
> You could also try the smbfs unicode patch for 2.4.18, and see if that
> changes anything.
> (Note the additional samba patch and mount flags needed)

I tried it just before, but same result.

> Do you have trouble with this set of files elsewhere?
> If you have more than one server, does it make any difference if you copy
> the files to some other server?

I have already tested before the previous posting, but no difference.
However, when the files are copied to a fat32 partition of w2k server,
all files listed.

> Does it matter how deep in the file hierarchy the dir is, for example is
> there any difference between these two:
> //server/share/some/long/path/the-dir-that-fails/
> //server/share/the-dir-that-fails/

The original depth is


tested depths are

//server/e$/2nd-dir/3rd-dir/ or

but no difference.

If you need some other tests, I will do it.
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