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SubjectRe: Killing tasklet from interrupt

> > You have the tasklet kill itself the next time it executes. Set some
> > flag so it knows it should give up its timer-slot and expire. The
> > interrupt sets the flag. It doesn't do anything else.
> I already have this flag and my code mostly work like this, so
>that would be trivial to do.
> I looked at the code, and you are right, killing the tasklet
>within itself is by far the safest way to do it.
Sounds like what you need is tasklet_disable.
tasklet_kill needs process context so you can't use it in timer.

>It's a shame that the code doesn't explitely allow for it (i.e. you will
>deadlock every time
>in tasklet_unlock_wait(t);).
Use tasklet_disable_nosync within the tasklet itself.


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