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Subject[PATCH] 2.5.7-pre2 IDE 22a
Thu Mar 14 21:52:33 CET 2002 ide-clean-22

- Apply more patches from Vojtech Pavlik for the handling of host chip setup.
Hopefully they are settled now.


- Push register addressing down in to task_vlb_sync.

- Make the taskfile parsing stuff actually readable. This is compressing the
code by an incredible amount. We use just one function doing the whole
scanning right now. This should make sure that the IRQ handler used by a
particular command is always right. I didn't introduce typos hopefully

- Don't call ide_handler_parser as argument for do_taskfile() any longer. We
have killed this function by coalescing it's functionality with
ide_cmd_type_parser() anyway.

- Kill unused SLC90E66 code, which Vojtech apparently missed in his patch.

- sync up with 2.5.7-pre2

Once again the actual patch is rather big mostly due to the removal of
some default configuration variables which are not used anylonger. So time for
the next patch stage.

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