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Subjectfilesystem corruption (2.4.18, reiserfs)

last friday i got a severe filesystem corruption on two reiserfs partitions
with a plain 2.4.18 kernel. both partitions (one of them unfortunately the
root partition) have been lost when KDE3rc2/XFree4.2/Kernel 2.4.18 totally
locked up my machine while it was idle...

rebooting resulted in a "unable to mount root fs" error. when trying to
repair the fs using reiserfsck on a rescue system, i got the following errors:

reiserfs_open: bread failed reading block 16
reiserfs_open: neither new nor old reiserfs format found on /dev/hdaX

(X = 5,6), the errors were identical on both partitions.

software info:
kernel 2.4.18, reiserfs compiled into the kernel
reiserfs version on disk: 3.5
distr: suse 7.3, XFree86 4.2.0, KDE 3-rc

hardware info:
cpu: amd duron 900
chipset: via kt133 (686a southbrigde)
ram: 256mb pc133
hdisk: IBM IC35L060AVER07-0, 60 GB, running at ATA66, use_dma, 32bit io

the system was totally stable, even under high load. the crash happened when
it was idle...


ps: please cc' me as i am not subscribed
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