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SubjectRe: [Lse-tech] 7.52 second kernel compile
> I think Im addicted. I need help!

Well, you're not going to get much competition, so maybe help
would be more in order ;-) ;-)

Are you still doing something like this?
# MAKE="make -j14" /usr/bin/time make -j14 bzImage

I tried setting the MAKE variable as well as doing the -j,
but it actually made kernel compile time slower - what difference
does it make on your machine? Can somebody clarify what this
actually does, as opposed to the -j on the command line?

BTW - the other tip that was in the big book of whizzy kernel
compiles was to set gcc to use -pipe ... you might want to try

How much of that 7.52 seconds are you spending in the final
single-threaded link & compress phase?



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