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SubjectRe: IBM x360 2.2.x boot failure, 2.4.9 works fine
On Fri, Mar 15, 2002 at 08:50:35PM -0500, Gordon J Lee wrote:
> > Eeek, these machines are now in the wild? Didn't realize this :)
> Yes. They are still ramping up production, and evals are scarce.
> I am pretty excited about it, because on paper, even without
> the hyperthreading, they should run pretty fast for I/O intensive
> workloads. My current eval project is to get some empirical
> performance numbers on a particular application.

Great, it will be nice to see some real world use of these machines to
see how well the HyperThreading works out.

> As a matter of fact, we did try a UP 2.2.x kernel, and it worked. But then
> we only have one CPU, and where is the fun in that ? :-)
> So I suppose this gives further support to the mishandled APIC table
> theory.

Yes it does, thanks for testing this.

> I am interested and motivated to understand the details of APIC's further.
> If I were to attempt to patch up a 2.2.x kernel to workaround this problem,
> what documentation should I have on hand ? I have an Intel SMP 1.4
> doc, although I haven't studied it in detail yet. Is this sufficient or
> are there other Must Have documents that I will need ?

James would be the best person for this, as he got this machine up and
working on Linux properly.


greg k-h
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