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SubjectRe: [PATCH] devexit fixes in i82092.c
Jeff Garzik <> writes:

> (thinking vaguely long-term)
> I wonder if mochel already code for this, or has thought about this... Just like
> suspend, IMO we ideally should use the device tree to shutdown the system,
> agreed?
> Further, I wonder if the reboot/shutdown notifiers can be replaced with device
> tree control over those events...

Please for the Linux booting Linux scenario it is mandatory we get this right
for reboot. I know for a fact that currently we leave active receive buffers on
network cards when we reboot. (If you haven't downed the interface). So it
is possible for a network packet to come in and hose a machine that is rebooting.

Occasionally I test my linux booting linux code by loading memtest86 to make certain
I don't have something like that going on. And the first time I tried it I hadn't
downed the interfaces and I actually saw a network packet come in and corrupt
memory. I also have similar reports from other about disk subsystems.

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