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SubjectRe: [OOPS] Kernel powerdown
"Grover, Andrew" wrote:

> > Looks like the ACPI code is simply forgetting to turn off the
> > NMI watchdog

That's right, however I don't think it should have to turn it off.

> Does the machine power off successfully using ACPI when the NMI watchdog is
> not enabled?

No, it never managed to power off with ACPI. It works with APM though.

> Theoretically we should be turning the machine off, after which I'm pretty
> sure the NMI watchdog shouldn't be an issue :)

That's what I think.

> but IIRC we are masking
> interrupts and doing some delays before turning off, so the NMI watchdog
> might not be liking that?

The problem is that it doesn't power off at all, no matter how long the
delay is ;)

> APM doesn't turn off the NMI afaik so why should ACPI have to?

Imho the problem will most likely go away when poweroff works properly
on my board. I can supply whatever info you need to make it work, too ;)

The board is an Asus A7V.

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