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SubjectRe: Question about the ide related ioctl's BLK* in 2.5.7-pre1 kernel
Andrew Morton wrote:
> Roberto Nibali wrote:
>>>They got collaterally damaged in the IDE "cleanup". The patch at
>>>resurrects them.
>>Oh, I see. I've missed that patch of yours. I certainly enjoyed (maybe
>>much to your grief) the comments in the code :).
> hmm. I'd better go back and check them then ;)
>>Is GFP_READAHEAD still a wish or did you drop that idea?
> Dropped. Bad idea. If we have to do I/O to gather the readahead pages
> then so be it. That I/O will cluster well, as will the subsequent readahead,
> which is better than giving up on the readahead.
>>AFAICS you only
>>addressed the i386 arch with that patch, do you want the specific arch
>>maintainers to clean up their part when your patch is finished?
> ? There's nothing arch-specific in any of this...

And there is nothing IDE related either. The code removed
at the time wasn't used!

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