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SubjectRe: [PATCH] 2.5.1-pre5: per-cpu areas
Rusty Russell wrote:

>In message <> you write:
>>Your other changes look good, but RELOC_HIDE really does belong in
>>compiler.h... and percpu.h is a particularly poor choice of destination.
>How? compiler.h is for things which vary based on compiler versions.

The name "linux/compiler.h" does not imply that to me, nor do the
comments in the file, which are related specifically to __ builtin_expect.

RELOC_HIDE is a potentially general facility (with the caveat below),
that does not seem to directly relate to the name "linux/percpu.h" at
all, except by happenstance due to its origins. Subjectively it seemed
to me that compiler.h was the most appropriate. Maybe kernel.h is a
better choice, in others' eyes. But I think percpu.h is probably the
wrong home.

>It was an arbitrary and relatively crappy place to put it: I only put
>it there so PPC could use it...
Will other arches -ever- use the macro? If not, include/asm-ppc is a
better place...

Jeff "mountain out of a molehill" Garzik

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