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SubjectRe: IO delay, port 0x80, and BIOS POST codes

This piece of code is taken from an old Minix source code tree, the file being
boothead.s . Notice the port 0xED usage and the comment.

! Enable (ah = 0xDF) or disable (ah = 0xDD) the A20 address line.
call kb_wait
movb al, #0xD1 ! Tell keyboard that a command is coming
outb 0x64
call kb_wait
movb al, ah ! Enable or disable code
outb 0x60
call kb_wait

mov ax, #25 ! 25 microsec delay for slow keyboard chip
0: out 0xED ! Write to an unused port (1us)
dec ax
jne 0b

inb 0x64
testb al, #0x02 ! Keyboard input buffer full?
jnz kb_wait ! If so, wait


On 14 Mar 2002 at 16:03, Richard B. Johnson wrote:

> Well I can see why he's an EX-Phoenix BIOS developer. A port at 0xed
> does not exist on any standard or known non-standard Intel/PC/AT
> compatible.
> Remember DOS debug?
> C:\>debug
> -i ed
> FF
> -o ed aa
> -i ed
> FF
> -o ed 55
> -i ed
> FF
> -q
> This is not a DOS emulation. This is a real-mode boot where any ports
> will be visible. If you used it with success, it means that you didn't
> need the I/O delay of writing to a real port. Instead you got the few
> hundred nanoseconds of delay you get by writing to nowhere.
> Cheers,
> Dick Johnson

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