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SubjectRe: Question about the ide related ioctl's BLK* in 2.5.7-pre1 kernel
Martin Dalecki wrote:
> Andrew Morton wrote:
> > Roberto Nibali wrote:
> >
> >>Hi,
> >>
> >>What for are BLKRAGET, BLKFRAGET and BLKSECTGET still needed?
> >>
> >
> > They got collaterally damaged in the IDE "cleanup". The patch at
> >
> > resurrects them.
> This is WRONG. What I did here was just removal of unused code.
> They got obsoleted by the BIO infrastructure changes.

Actually, it's right.

In mid-February you asserted that the IDE readahead controls were
inoperative. You said:

> You are missing one simple thing: The removed values doen't control

I asked:

> Please explain, in detail, why /proc/ide/hdX/settings:file_readhead
> no longer controls the readhead for that device. If this is
> the case in thr current 2.4 kernel, or if it will become the
> case if/when the IDE patches are merged then that needs fixing.

You didn't answer.

I tested them. They still worked.

I also said:

> Look, I agree that the current readhead controls are junk, and
> do not belong in the driver layer at all. All I'm saying is
> that we need per-device controls, for whatever scheme we end
> up using for readhead in 2.5. We really don't want to have
> the same sized readhead for CDROMs, floppies and super-duper
> RAID arrays.

Then the device-driver-based readahead controls got taken out.

I really do agree that it was a pile of crap. I've turned them
into a property of the request queue, which is a more appropriate
place for them.

In my current patch, the per-queue readahead parameter is controlled
via the old ioctls. Probably, these will be retired in favour of
/proc/iosched, when that turns up.

In the meantime, I *need* those tunables for ongoing development.

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