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SubjectRe: Question about the ide related ioctl's BLK* in 2.5.7-pre1 kernel
>>> AFAICS you only
>>> addressed the i386 arch with that patch, do you want the specific arch
>>> maintainers to clean up their part when your patch is finished?
>> ? There's nothing arch-specific in any of this...
> And there is nothing IDE related either. The code removed
> at the time wasn't used!

I see. So the trick is to fix hdparm and tell it not to use ioctl(fd,
BLKRAGET, arg). But I don't think that the BIO changes introduce a means
for readahead control/export from/to user space? Or would this be
something like bio_ioctl(kdev_t, unsigned int, unsigned long), which is
actually not used anywhere, or the request queue approach used by Andrew

The reason I was confused about the arch was that sparc64, ppc64,
mips64, s390x and x86_64 still provide a ioctl handler for those ioctl's
hooking up the the w_long (interestig naming concept btw) function.

Am I completely off the track here, mixing things up?

Best regards,
Roberto Nibali, ratz

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