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SubjectRe: Severe IRQ problems on Foster (P4 Xeon) system
On Wed, 13 Mar 2002, Alan Cox wrote:

| > I'm looking at P4 chips and boards, my 2Q02 budget has some $$ for a
| > system. I also will be getting some laptops 3Q02, does the new P4-M mobile
| > chip by any chance have HT? If so a good reason to go Intel, assuming that
| > either the BIOS or Linux can get it to use the feature ;-)

They announced at IDF last week (or 2 weeks back) that "UP"
P4 next year sometime will include HT.
I think this is "Prescott."

I haven't heard details about the P4-M, but I doubt that
it has HT (yet).

| At the moment HT is Xeon only. Linux can do the right thing with it as of
| 2.4.18 + acpismp=force. Autodetect should be in soon. I don't know about
| Intel's future product plans for HT.


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