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    Subject[BETA-0.97] Eigth test release of Tigon3 driver

    From the usual location:

    Changes in this release:

    [FIX] Lots of VLAN layer fixes from Chris Leech.
    [FIX] Fix a bug in Tigon3 fibre negotiation state machine
    where it could run forever. Reported by Erik Habbinga.
    [FIX] Do not lose network statistics around down/up of interface
    for Tigon3. Broadcom's driver has this bug too.
    [FIX] Small bug fix for PHY setup on 5703 A1 revisions.
    [FEATURE] Add many new tunables, via ethtool, to Tigon3
    for controlling:
    1) Coelaescing, interrupt mitigation
    2) RX/TX ring sizes
    3) Pause flow control settings
    4) RX/TX checksumming and scatter-gather
    Please note that these new bits have not been
    added to Jeff's ethtool userland tool but they
    will be added soon.

    I'm probably going to bump the version to 1.0 and push this to Marcelo
    for 2.4.x in the next couple of days. Jeff has already included this
    driver (and I the VLAN layer stuff) into 2.5.x

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