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SubjectRe: IO-APIC -- lockup on machine if enabled
On Wed, 13 Mar 2002 15:10:24 +0100, Dave Jones wrote:
> > i have a new laptop (Dell Latitude C610) running 2.4.18-rc4. when i built the
> > new kernel, i thought i would amuse myself by turning on IO-APIC.
> Known problem.
> > any suggestions?
> "Don't do that" 8-)
> 2.5 (and possibly 2.4-ac) has the early-dmi code which disables this
> option if it detects its running on a Dell laptop.

2.5.6 has the original version of the patch kit, which includes the
workarounds for Dell laptops but doesn't include the newer blacklist
rules for the Thinkpad T20 and the MSI-6163.

2.4.19-pre3 has the relevant core changes, but lacks the actual DMI
rules and local APIC workarounds. I believe the -ac versions also
only include the core changes.


p.s. The update for 2.4.19-pre3 and the full kit for 2.4.18 are
at <> as usual.
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