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SubjectRe: Sun GEM card looses TX on x86 32bit PCI
   From: Beezly <>
Date: 11 Mar 2002 22:51:42 +0000

Ok, I've been fiddling around with the driver tonight and have managed
to get a little further by forcing the driver to do a full reset of the
chip when the RX buffer over flows. I achieved this by sticking a return
1; at the top of gem_rxmac_reset().

I'm guessing this isn't an "optimal" reset for the situation but so far
it's having /reasonable/ results (i.e. I don't have to bring the
interface up and down every 30 seconds!).
Hope this helps,

I'll follow up on this and figure out why my RX reset code
isn't working after I finish up some 2.5.x work.

But looking quickly I think I see what is wrong. Please give
this a try (and remember to remove your hacks before testing
this :-):

--- drivers/net/sungem.c.~1~ Mon Mar 11 04:24:13 2002
+++ drivers/net/sungem.c Tue Mar 12 09:30:38 2002
@@ -357,6 +357,7 @@ static int gem_rxmac_reset(struct gem *g

rxd->status_word = cpu_to_le64(RXDCTRL_FRESH(gp));
+ gp->rx_new = gp->rx_old = 0;

/* Now we must reprogram the rest of RX unit. */
desc_dma = (u64) gp->gblock_dvma;
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