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SubjectRe: [patch] My AMD IDE driver, v2.7
>> Linus, would it be acceptable to you to include an -optional- filter for 
>> ATA commands? There is definitely a segment of users that would like to
>> firewall their devices, and I think (as crazy as it may sound) that
>> notion is a valid one.
>If you are *trully paranoid* and want to *fire wall* your device then
>the proper way of doing this is to DISABLE those ioctl entierly.
>It simple like that. They are not required for regular operation by
>concept. Other then this I see no argument here.

Well; I don't agree. Firewall via a loadable module can make sense if the
actual module does a kind of "filter all but a specified known set of safe
commands" for example, like retreiving SMART infos, or such things.


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