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SubjectRe: Dog slow IDE
Hi Tony,

Just a me too earlier today with 2.4.19-pre2-ac4, on a dual celeron
440BX-based system.

Im my case, I have 3 hdds in a raid-5, hda, hdb, and hdc.

hda and hdb were both performing as expected 18-22MB/sec. hdc was
down at the 1.8-2.2MB/sec - even after trying to use hdparm to reset
the drive transfer rates (-p, -d1 -X66, -d0 -X12 (to try pio) etc).

None of the attempts using hdparm altered the hdc transfer rate in any
noticable fashion. I powered down the machine, and on reboot, the hdc
transfer rate returned to the expected range 18-22MB/sec), and the
raid performance went up to it's usual level from the 5MB/sec it was

I couldn't see any reason for the odd behaviour, and I had put it down
to 'just one of those things' as the 3 or 4 test reboots since haven't
produced the strangely low-transfer rate again.



On Mon, 11 Mar 2002, Tony Hoyle wrote:

> For some reason the my IDE is running extremely slow (which accounts for
> why this box feels so sluggish).


> However:
> /dev/hda:
> Timing buffered disk reads: 64 MB in 16.27 seconds = 3.93 MB/sec
> /dev/hdb:
> Timing buffered disk reads: 64 MB in 32.99 seconds = 1.94 MB/sec
> 1.94MB/sec is *way* to slow for a UDMA5 hard disk surely?

Yes. On another system, I pull 35-40MB/sec off each individual
barracuda IV drive, and 50+ from the combined raid array (I assume PCI
bandwidth limited, as twiddling BIOS PCI settings boosted this from 41
to 50).



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