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SubjectRe: Dog slow IDE
Vojtech Pavlik wrote:
> Hi!
> What does haparm /dev/hda (without the -i) say? Is it using DMA at all?
> It may be set up for UDMA4 or UDMA5 but still run PIO only ... btw what
> chipset is this?
Judging by the pci ids database it's either an AMD Unknown or AMD Opus

hdparm says DMA is enabled (it's enabled by a script a bootup AFAIK).

Installing smartd seems to have helped a lot - it's jumped to 28MB/32MB
which is a hell of a lot closer to what I was expecting (not sure if
ATA133 should give 133MB a second or whether that's just a theoretical

Not sure why enabling smart would help that much (I'm still working my
way around the BIOS settings and the way to enable it was far from
obvious - you have to do a manual config of the hard drive first).


"Wipe Info uses hexadecimal values to wipe files. This provides more
security than wiping with decimal values." -- Norton SystemWorks 2002 Manual

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