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SubjectRe: [PATCH] 2.5.6 IDE 19
> Deal, will do it.

I don't expect anymore that you hold your word.

>>I can really really understand why Pavel is just ignoring you...
>>But you know what? It's really hard to take someone
>>serious who is publically calling me doing a blow-job on Linus.
>>You would be surprised: I don't exchange *that* much
>>with Linus. I send him patches - he applies them that's all.
>>And that's all that I expect. What's driving me is the
>>encouragement from other people just that... and of course
>>the fun at tinkering with the stuff.
> You got in there and give Linus the comsetic changes that were in the
> works early. I asked you hold off because there was a transport layer
> problem. You agreed. Next thing I know you turn the flipside on me.
> You expect me to have warm and fuzzys?

Maybe your invisible friend wisperid that to you: but
I DIDN'T AGREE TO HOLD OFF. The changes thus far are quite
trivial and should be a piece of cake to adjust too
for an averegely capable programmer wich you are not
and which is the main problem with you cherishing
the driver in question. I'm clear enough now? Or does
one have to be a psychiatrist to talk to you?

> *****************
> The ATA/ATAPI-6 letter ballot has closed. The results are 18 votes for the
> motion, 0 votes against the motion, 0 abstentions, and 2 eligible members
> did not vote. 2 yes votes had comments. The motion passes.
> I have uploaded e01028r0.doc the official announcement of the vote to
> incoming on the FTP site. I have also uploaded e01143r0.doc the editors
> proposed resolution of the letter ballot comments. This will be reviewed at
> the December meeting.
> *****************
> I do not see your name on that list for the ballot.

I didn't claim too. Your invisible friend was
apparently talking to you again. But still my question
remains where the heck is Yours?

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