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SubjectRe: 23 second kernel compile (aka which patches help scalibility on NUMA)
> Martin, I wrote a patch in order to have a kswap daemon per node. Each
> daemon swaps pages out only from its node. It might be of some interest
> for your scalability problem, so let me know if you're interested in it (I
> can't paste it here because it has also some other stuffs in it, and I

How does this interact with the virtual scanning stuff? I
was under the impression that we scanned for suitable pages
on a per-process basis ... so I'm confused as to how you'd
have a per-node kswapd without rmap's physical scanning
(unless you assume all processes on a node have all their
mem on that node). Could you explain?

> have to split the patch in several parts. I also need to port it to -rmap).

I'd certainly be interested to see / try it - I think Bill Irwin
had an implementation of multiple kswapd's for rmap - you might
want to look at that before you port.



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