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SubjectRe: BUG REPORT: kernel nfs between 2.4.19-pre2 (server) and 2.2.21-pre3 (client)
>>>>> " " == Stephan von Krawczynski <> writes:

> this is a weak try of an explanation. All involved fs types are
> reiserfs. The problem occurs reproducably only after (and

Which ReiserFS format? Is it version 3.5?

'cat /proc/fs/reiserfs/device/version'

> including)
> 2.2.20 and above and _not_ in 2.2.19. There must be some
> problem.

The client code in 2.2.20 is supposed to be the same as in 2.4.x. The
only thing I can think might be missing is the fix to cope with broken
servers that reuse filehandles (this violates the RFCs). Reiserfs 3.5
+ knfsd is one such broken combination. Another broken server is

> Though I do not know whether the problem is on the client side,
> or simply produced by this client side and effectively located
> on 2.4.18 server, I really can't tell. But giving me something
> to try might clear the picture.

You might try keeping a file open on /backup while you play with /mnt...

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