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SubjectRe: RAID magics gone...
Rogier Wolff wrote:
> Hi,
> I have a machine with 4 160G disks in a raid-0 configuration. Now
> after upgrading the hardware, all of a sudden raidstart can't find the
> raid-superblocks anymore. Invalid magic.
> I'm suspecting that it might be that the superblock was overwritten
> with data or something like that. Does anybody know of a bug like
> this?
> We're running kernel-2.4.16 with andre's IDE patches for the large
> disks.
> I'll see if I can find the "magic" anywhere on the disk....

Couldn't find them .

Moved the disks to the old machine, got my RAID back. But I still
can't find the magic numbers for the rais-sb anywhere.

Could it be that 48bit addressing doesn't work for PIO mode?
Either KERNEL bug, drive bug or by spec?

I found that the drives were horribly slow when I tried searching
them. So I turned DMA on only after having failed to mount the raid,
and started to "search" through the whole disk.

Can someone seek to the 8k before end of a raid-partition, and dump
the remaining part of the disk, so that I can be sure to know what it
looks like? That should include the raid-sb, right?


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