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SubjectRe: Multiple kernels OOPS at boot on Fujitsu pt510 ( AMD DX100 CPU ) - ksymoops output attached
Its booting !!!!

I tried to build a 2.4.1kernel, but it had problems with my newer ld so
I tried again with a 2.4.17 following Alans instructions.

I passed mem=6 and it booted. I then expeimented upping this value and
it still boots when I pass mem=32m ( the actual amount of ram in the
machine ). So I guess it was just a problem of the box lieing about its

Many thanks for all you help, its really appreciated.

-- Matthew Allum

Alan Cox wrote:

>>Id really appreciate some help on this matter. Theres plenty of these
>>510's on ebay at the moment going very cheapy ( 100$) and they'd make
>>nice wireless 'web pads'.
>I have a somewhat older beast (Fujitsu Stylistic 1000) which is somewhat
>older and a little lower spec that I've been playing with a fair bit getting
>Xfce + scribble etc running on with no problem.
>Generally when you get a crash very early you want to check
> -CPU type the kernel was built with - your oops isnt an illegal
> instruction so thats not it
> -Disabling APM support
> -Disabling PnpBIOS support (-ac tree only)
> -Using mem=fooM where foo is a bit under what is fitted in case
> the box lies about memory availability
>That generally gets successes. You might also want to do a test boot
>with mem=6M in case the machine has something funky like a 15-16Mb Vesa
>local bus magic hole in the address map.
>Definitely looks a fun toy
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