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SubjectRe: Multiple kernels OOPS at boot on Fujitsu pt510 ( AMD DX100 CPU ) - ksymoops output attached
On Fri, 1 Mar 2002, Matthew Allum wrote:

> Hi ;
> I've been attempting to get Linux to run on a Fujitsu pt510 [1],
> unfortunatly without much success. The kernels die almost instantly
> after cpu initialisation. I have tried both a debian woody stock 2.2
> kernel and a home built 2.4.17 kernel both built for 386. Attached is
> the kymoops output for the 2.4.17 kernel.
> Id really appreciate some help on this matter. Theres plenty of these
> 510's on ebay at the moment going very cheapy ( 100$) and they'd make
> nice wireless 'web pads'.
> Many thanks;

Turn off CONFIG_X86_WP_WORKS_OK and CONFIG_X86_CMPXCHG. This allows
booting using Linux Version 2.4.1.

Dick Johnson

Penguin : Linux version 2.4.1 on an i686 machine (797.90 BogoMips).

111,111,111 * 111,111,111 = 12,345,678,987,654,321

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